What Is a DDR German Shepherd?


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A DDR German shepherd is a particular type of German shepherd bred by the East German government, which is also known as Deutsches Demokratische Republik. They were first bred in the days of the Berlin Wall and have slowly dwindled in numbers since the wall came down in 1989.

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The DDR German shepherd was originally bred to be a working dog. They were used to patrol the 100-mile-long Berlin Wall and the 850-mile-long border that formerly separated East and West Germany. They were used for tracking and as sentries and attack dogs.

Breeders focused on power and athleticism, requiring DDR dogs to scale six-foot walls. They were bred to withstand long, arduous patrols and harsh weather conditions. Dogs with a weak temperament or signs of hip dysplasia were culled.

Within five months of the wall coming down, half of the 50,000 border guard dogs were dismissed. Many were abandoned, sold or put down.

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