What Are Some Dachshund Training Tips?


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Dachshund training tips include employing patience and persistence in teaching the dog basic obedience commands and following the proper training regimen. Training sessions should be limited to two or three each day, lasting about five minutes each. Focus on a different area of training during each session.

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Basic obedience training for a Dachshund includes teaching the dog to accept the leash and to walk properly when leashed. Teaching the dog to heel involves having it walk by the left side of the owner without running ahead. After the dog learns the basics of walking on a leash, it can be taught other basic obedience tasks, such as sitting and staying, lying down and staying, waiting and coming when called.

Dachshunds are a playful breed but are also known for being aggressive. A 2008 study by the University of Pennsylvania rated dachshunds as the most-aggressive dog breed. A Dachshund that is not properly trained may pose a significant risk of biting people, especially unfamiliar children. Dachshunds often challenge larger breeds of dogs.

The Dachshund is a small breed that is part of the hound family. It has very short legs and a long body. It has a keen sense of smell and was bred to chase badgers and burrowing animals from their dens.

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