What Are Some Cute Pomeranian Haircuts?


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Pet Care Rx discusses four different haircuts that are commonly used on Pomeranians, which are the Lion Cut, Puppy Cut, Shave and Show Cut. The thick, double coats of Pomeranians need more frequent grooming than other breeds.

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What Are Some Cute Pomeranian Haircuts?
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The Lion Cut is the most common cut used on Pomeranians and leaves the hair around the face, shoulders and chest long, while the rest of the hair is trimmed very short, making the dog look like a lion. The Puppy Cut leaves the Pom fluffy like a stuffed animal, with hair about 2 inches long. Shaving is most commonly used for owners who want their animal to have low maintenance needs. Finally, the Show Cut is a very natural cut that requires only small amounts of trimming around certain areas, such as the ears.

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