What Are Some Cute Pet Names for Hamsters?


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Oreo, Fluffy, Peppy, Twinkle and Berry are cute pet names for hamsters. Gems such as Amber, Jade, Pearl and Ruby and television or book characters such as Elmo, Stuart, Dora and Lucy are also interesting pet names. It's a good idea to choose short names with one to two syllables when naming a hamster.

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When selecting a name for a hamster, consider choosing a boy name if your pet is male and a girl name if your hamster is female. Pick a name as soon as possible after getting your hamster, and stick with the name to avoid confusing your pet.

Select a name that holds a special meaning for you, whether you use a name related to the color, appearance, behavior or personality of your hamster. Colors such as Honey, Mocha, Silver and Cocoa are fun pet names, while Cuddles, Sassy, Scooter and Twister are interesting choices if you want to consider how your pet behaves.

Sample pet names based on your hamster's appearance include Bright Eyes, Cheeky, Chubby, Grizzly and Scruffy. Happy, Flash, Dazzle and Precious are good options when considering your pet's personality. When it comes to foods, pick names such as Pancake, Pickle, Shortcake or Sugar. Flowers such as Rose and Jasmine are cute names for female hamsters. If you have two hamsters, Mac and Cheese, Peanut and Butter, and Pepper and Chili are good combination names.

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