What Are Some Cute Names for Small Female Dogs?

cute-names-small-female-dogs Credit: Richard Wood/CC-BY 2.0

Some cute names for small female dogs might include Midget, Minnie, Mimi, Tiny, Trixie, Felicity, Scarlet, May Jane, ZuZu, Muffin Top, Double Rainbow, Mia, Sophie, Precious, Pixie, Lucy, Lucky, Buddy, Chanel and Honey. Other names might include Gigi, Gracie, Maddie, Zoe, Ruby, Molly, Cookie, Coco, Chloe and Roxy.

To choose a name for a small female dog, the name can be ultra feminine to let others know that the dog is a girl, such as "Rosie," or the name can denote the dog's small size, such as "Minnie." When naming a dog, it is more important to choose a name that the owner likes and to choose a name that is shorter in nature. It is recommended that dog owners choose name that is either one or two syllables for best results.

It is also important not to choose a name that rhymes with commands because they may confuse the dog. An example of this would be "Kit," which rhymes with "sit." It is also recommended to choose a name that ends with a vowel sound. An example of this would be "Zoe." Pet owners who have just picked up their puppy may also want to wait a few days to get a feel for their puppy's personality before naming.