What Are Some Cute Names for Small Dogs?


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There are many different cute names for small dogs, but some of the cutest names reference the small dog's size, such as Teensy, Pixie, Precious, Tinkerbell, Cricket, Baby, Bugsy, Bitsy, Tiny, Junior, Boo-Boo, Minnie, Piper, Dumpling and Squirt. Of course, many small dog owners do not want to give their small dogs names that denote their size and they choose names, such as Roxie, Buttons, Keno and Sugar.

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What Are Some Cute Names for Small Dogs?
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Other popular names include Bella, Bear, Bentley, Chico, Holly, Harley, Foxy, Gigi, Isabella, Jake, Louie, Lily, Madison, Max, Mia, Pebbles, Phoebe, Rocky, Romeo, Sophie, Teddy and Toby. The name that is chosen for a new puppy is important because the name is a crucial component in helping the puppy learn how to communicate with his or her owners. For this reason, PetMD recommends avoiding choosing names that are too similar to other people or pets in the household so that the dog does not become confused.

Furthermore, dogs do not understand their names like humans do and they will hear their name as a "sound," so the sound should be something that is easy to hear and understand. It is recommended that the best names have two syllables so that the dog understands the variation that occurs with two syllables that might not occur with a one syllable name, but is not confused by a three-, four- or five-syllable name.

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