What Are Some Cute Names for Girl Dogs?


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Some of the most popular names for female dogs, as of July 2015, included Elsa, Bella, Quinn, Lila, Ivy and Sophie, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC recommends watching a new pet for a few days to get a sense of her personality before giving her a name.

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What Are Some Cute Names for Girl Dogs?
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The AKC provides several tips to help find the perfect name for a new female dog. Dogs respond best to names that are short and easily recognizable and one that will suit her, no matter her age. Since it takes a few days for a dog to learn her name, it is acceptable to try out names for a day or two to see how they fit a dog's personality.

Additional cute female dog names include Lucy, Molly, Daisy, Maggie and Sasha. Some dogs acquire a name based on how they look, such as Coco for a brown dog or Ginger for a red dog.

PetMD lists names such as Zoey, Stella, Katie, Molly and Pandora as some popular names, and also gives pet owners the meanings of more than 5,000 puppy names. For example, Pandora is a name for a dog that is full of surprises, and Maggie may be used for a dog that is sweet, smart and playful.

Other cute names include Ivy, Charlie, Avery, Lady, Mia and Lilly.

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