What Are Some Cute Kitty Names?


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Cute kitten names range from classics like Bitsy or Mittens to modern names like Nala or Bella. Science fiction fans may find the names Admiral, Ackbar or Chewie cute, while children might like fun names like Oreo or Tiger. Milkshake, Angel and Coco are all cute kitten names that are popular with pet owners.

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Some of the most popular cute names for kittens in the United States also include Sassy, Mitsy and Princess. Cuteness is subjective, so names like Pepsi or Dumpling may be adorable for one pet owner but not another. Choosing a cute kitten name is a personal endeavor that is heavily based on the interests and opinions of the pet owner. A cute kitten name for a fan of the Wizard of Oz is Munchkin, while Truffles is a suitable moniker for a kitten owned by a chocolate-loving person.

Like any other name, a cute name can also be selected by its meaning. For example, Cupid can be used as a nod to the cherub known for spreading love, while Trixie means, "happy." Kittens can also be named after favorite cartoon or movie characters, such as Lilo or Nani from the film "Lilo and Stitch" or Simba from "The Lion King."

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