What Are Some Cute Kitten Names for Girls?


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According to PetMD, the most popular name for female kittens is Angel. Other names included in the top-10 list include Lily, Molly, Chloe and Ellie.

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What Are Some Cute Kitten Names for Girls?
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Some people name kittens based on their personality. Sassy, Precious and Princess are choices that could reflect a kitten's personality. Because kittens are often sweet, some people choose a name such as Candy or Muffin. A kitten can be a good friend, which would make the Spanish name Amiga an appropriate option.

Pet owners sometimes select a name that reflects their kitten's appearance. A black-and-white kitten could, for example, be called Oreo. Cute names for orange cats include Pumpkin, Butterscotch or Apricot. Bianca, Chablis or Snowball would be fitting names for white cats. A kitten with white or black feet might be called Boots or Mittens.

Some people choose names that they associate with characters from a television show or movie. For instance, Buffy is a cute name taken from the "Vampire Slayer" show. The name Scout is a good choice from "To Kill a Mockingbird." The popular "Twilight" saga provides the cute name Bella, and Nala comes from the "Lion King." Another option is giving a kitten a unique name that may be unexpected.

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