What Are Some Cute Cat Breeds?


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Cat breeds can be divided into two types: longhaired and shorthaired. A few cute longhaired breeds are: Persian, ragdoll, Maine coon and Himalayan. The Abyssinian, American shorthair, Bengal, Bombay, Egyptian mau, munchkin, pixiebob and Siamese are shorthaired breeds known for their stunning appearance.

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What Are Some Cute Cat Breeds?
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An Abyssinian cat is reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian statue. It is a loyal cat but prefers solitude. A Siamese cat is built similarly to the Abyssinian; it is very graceful and elegant. The Siamese is intelligent and loves people. The Egyptian mau is another long, slim cat. It is very alert and sensitive to its owner's emotions. Two breeds still retain a wild look: the Bengal and the pixiebob. The Bengal is a distant cross of the wild Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. It is curious and loves water. The pixiebob resembles the North American bobcat. It looks fierce, but it is loving and gentle. The munchkin, an unusual cat, has extremely short legs compared to its body. It is playful with a kitten-like personality. The American shorthair and the Bombay are two popular American breeds. The Bombay is always black with large, golden eyes. The longhaired breeds tend to be large with long, flowing coats. They are easygoing with docile personalities.

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