How Do You Cut a Yorkiepoo's Hair?

How Do You Cut a Yorkiepoo's Hair?

Cutting a yorkiepoo's hair can be done in three stages: cleaning, combing and cutting. Yorkiepoos' hair does not need to be cut regularly, since the breed does not shed. Cutting every 2-3 weeks is usually sufficient.

Supplies required for the task are a high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner, along with a leave-in conditioner, an absorbent towel, a long-toothed comb, a fine-toothed comb and scissors. Follow the steps below for cutting a yorkiepoo's hair:

  1. Clean the yorkiepoo's hair
  2. Either in a sink or bathtub, gently hold the yorkiepoo still with one hand and apply water with the other. Massage shampoo into the coat and rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner and leave for up to three minutes before rinsing. Gently pat the yorkiepoo dry with the towel.

  3. Comb the yorkiepoo's hair
  4. Apply some leave-in conditioner to the coat once dry and pass a comb through the hair. Untangle any knots gently.

  5. Cut the yorkiepoo's hair
  6. Trim only long or excess hair around the rear, legs and feet. It is crucial for a dog's comfort and health not to cut too much from the body areas of the coat, since it provides insulation in cold weather and natural cooling properties and skin protection in hot weather.