How Do You Cut Your Cat's Claws?


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To trim a cat's claws, find a quiet area, and hold the cat in your lap, as suggested by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Gently extend the cat's claw, and cut off the sharp edge of it with the nail trimmers. Repeat with each claw.

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Do some preparation and training behavior before trimming a cat's claws, according to the ASPCA. Spend a few minutes on a regular basis gently massaging the cat's paws and giving it treats to create a positive association. Never try to force the cat to stay in your lap or let you handle its claws.

Once you are ready to actually trim the cat's claws, start with just one or two at a time. Scissor-style trimmers are a better option for cat claws than guillotine-style ones, as claimed by the ASPCA. Extend the claw by gently pressing on the pad of the toe closest to it.

Familiarize yourself with the cat's claws before trimming to make sure you know how much to cut, as suggested by the ASPCA. Cat nails have a quick, which is an area of nerves and blood vessels. This usually appears as a pink area in the claw. Never trim into the quick because it can hurt the cat.

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