How Do You Cut Cat Nails?

How Do You Cut Cat Nails?

Trim your cat's claws by holding her in your lap, taking a single toe between your fingers and pressing her toe pad to release the claw. Once the claw is extended, locate the pink quick, and trim about halfway between the quick and the tip of the claw.

  1. Gather your supplies

    You need scissor-type pet nail clippers, your cat and some treats to help train your cat.

  2. Hold your cat securely in your lap

    Gather your cat into your lap, and hold her securely. Wait for her to settle in and relax before beginning.

  3. Massage your cat's paws

    Prepare your cat for the nail trimming by massaging her paws and each of her toes. This gets her accustomed to having her paws handled, making future trimmings easier.

  4. Grasp a single toe between your fingers

    Gently grasp a single toe between two of your fingers, and gently massage the toe pad just enough to make the claw extend.

  5. Locate the quick

    Examine your cat's claw. Look for the darker pink area, called the quick. This is where blood vessels and nerves are located, so you should avoid trimming too closely to it.

  6. Use the clippers to cut the nails

    Using the pet nail clippers, trim the nail about halfway between the tip and the quick. If your cat seems uncomfortable or upset, give her a treat and pet her to relax her before proceeding. If she doesn't seem to notice, go ahead and repeat the process with another nail.

  7. Repeat for as many nails as possible

    Many cats become uncomfortable after just a few nails are clipped. Pay attention to your cat's reactions; if she attempts to escape or seems upset, stop and resume the process once she is calm.