How Do You Cure a Dog's Stomach Ache?


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According to Canine Journal, a dog's upset stomach can be cured with many natural remedies, such as feeding it rice, boiled chicken and banana baby food. However, some upset stomachs may require a visit to the vet for more serious medical intervention.

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How Do You Cure a Dog's Stomach Ache?
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Canine Journal advises owners to feed their dogs with upset stomachs with foods that are not greasy. For example, plain chicken is a good option, while hamburger meat is not because of the fat. Owners should try to get their dogs to eat grass, which dogs eat naturally to aid in their digestion. Another possibility is to give dogs human medications, like Pepto-Bismol or Pepcid, which help treat minor digestive system issues. It is also important that dogs stay well-hydrated.

WebMD says that in some cases, more stringent medical intervention is necessary, especially if the upset stomach is indicative of a more serious problem. Bloat or gastric dilation volvulus has no simple home cure. If this occurs, dogs need to be seen to immediately because it can cause death within hours. Vets treat these serious conditions by decompressing the stomach to release gas, performing surgery and stabilizing vital signs. The best cure is prevention, which includes feeding dogs several small meals throughout the day and not exercising them directly after eating.

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