How Do You Cure Dog Diarrhea?


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To relieve a dog's bout of diarrhea, avoid feeding it heavy foods for 24 hours, and let the diarrhea run its course. Keeping plenty of fresh, clean water around helps to avoid dehydration, and feeding it easily digestible foods, such as broth, also helps, according to Canine Journal.

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Diarrhea is an important way for a dog's body to rid itself of something bad, either a virus or something the dog ate that is causing gastrointestinal distress, says Canine Journal. The main goal when treating a dog suffering from diarrhea is to let the body rid itself of whatever the problem is, and be vigilant for further signs of distress or dehydration.

If a dog suffers from diarrhea that continues for more than a day, is vomiting or showing signs of lethargy, contact a veterinarian immediately to rule out more serious conditions, according to WebMd. Straining to defecate, decreased appetite or weight, fever and bloody stools are also warning signs that a bigger medical issue may be causing a dog's discomfort.

To prevent further episodes of diarrhea, stay up to date with a dog's vaccinations and avoid contact with stray dogs as much as possible, Canine Journal recommends. Choose one dog food and stick to it to discourage gastrointestinal distress as a result of unfamiliar ingredients.

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