How Do You Cure Dog Constipation?


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Constipation in dogs can generally be treated by increasing the dog's fiber intake or adding a vet-prescribed stool softener. To this end, dark leafy vegetables or 100 percent canned pumpkin can be safely added to dry kibble. Additionally, exercising a dog more can encourage its bowels to move.

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When attempting home remedies for constipation, do not feed a dog human-grade laxatives or high-fiber grains. Canines generally cannot digest carbohydrates well, and only a few laxatives are safe for pet use.

Constipation in dogs is usually caused by a lack of fiber in their diet. However, when constipation is caused by an intestinal obstruction or a foreign object, contact a veterinarian for advice. In more extreme cases, surgery may be required.

Symptoms of constipation include stool that is small, hard and dry, straining while defecating, and mucus. If a dog has not pooped in over two days or is visibly distressed, consult a veterinarian immediately. Symptoms of constipation can be confused with a urinary tract infection, which can worsen and lead to more threatening conditions if left untreated. Older or infirm dogs are more likely to develop constipation.

Long-term constipation in dogs can lead to obstipation. Unable to empty his bowels on its own, the dog may start displaying signs of lethargy and appetite loss, possibly vomiting. In such cases, the colon is packed with too much feces.

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