How Do You Cure a Cat's Diarrhea?


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Veterinarians recommend that you avoid feeding your cat for 12 to 24 hours when he is suffering from diarrhea, but be sure to keep him hydrated with lots of fresh water. Always contact a veterinarian for advice regarding your pet's specific symptoms.

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Diarrhea is characterized by frequent loose or liquid stools. If your cat experiences diarrhea for more than a day, or if you notice changes in his behavior, dark or bloody stools, fever, decreased appetite or unexplained weight loss, or if he has to strain to defecate, take him to the veterinarian's office. Your veterinarian can examine your pet to look for the underlying cause of the diarrhea and may take blood tests or a stool sample to check for the presence of parasites and other abnormalities.

Diarrhea in cats can be caused by changes in diet, lactose intolerance, food allergies, internal parasites or bacterial or viral infections, as well as more serious diseases of the digestive tract or thyroid. You can avoid most cases of diarrhea in cats by keeping your pet's diet consistent and free of dairy foods. If you have to switch your cat's food, try to introduce it gradually by mixing a little into the old food and transitioning to the new food over the course of a week.

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