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A cur is a mongrel dog, especially one that is considered unfriendly or useless. Cur is often used interchangeably with the term mutt, as both words refer to a mixed-breed dog. Cur has the additional connotation of the dog being worthless and undesirable. Stray mixed-breed dogs are common recipients of the name cur.

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In the Southern United States, the term cur does not carry the negative implications that it does elsewhere. In many areas, it simply refers to a dog of unknown ancestry. In some cases, cur is the name given to a type of hunting dog. These hunting dogs have been developed over time from a number of different breeds. Since they are the result of indiscriminate breeding between a variety of different breeds, curs do not have standard appearances or traits like other specially bred dogs.

Curs do, however, have more specified traits — usually hunting related — than random stray dogs. In fact, there are enough similarities among hunting curs that some researchers attempt to classify some of them. The Black Mouth Cur, Cajun Cur, Mountain Cur and Treeing Cur are a few types of established curs. Due to their ambiguous origins, however, these breeds are unlikely to be recognized or registered with the American Kennel Club.

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