Why Do Crocodiles Live in Water?

crocodiles-live-water Credit: Roger de la Harpe/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Crocodiles live in water to hide from predators and to find food sources. Crocodiles also live on land to regulate their body temperatures.

Crocodiles are cold-blooded reptiles, and their body temperature adjusts to that of their environment. Though they prefer to stay in or near bodies of water, they must bask in the sun on land to keep their body temperatures regulated. Crocodiles prey on a wide array of animals in and out of the water. They will eat fish, turtles, feral pigs and even other crocodiles. When a crocodile feels threatened, it will swim beneath the surface of water where is can stay for short periods. Crocodiles are found in various fresh bodies of water all around the world, and some species even live in salt water.