What Do Crocodiles Eat?


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A crocodile eats a diet that consists of meat from fish, birds, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates. These large reptiles can eat up to half their body weight in a single feeding.

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What Do Crocodiles Eat?
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Crocodiles have been known to eat large mammals such as zebras. They scavenge carrion and even eat other crocodiles in some cases.

The Nile crocodile has earned a reputation as a fearsome predator, but the American crocodile is considered reclusive and shy. In the wild, Nile crocodiles can live upwards of 45 years. American crocodiles have a slightly longer life span of 60 to 70 years. Adult American crocodiles weigh 150 to 450 pounds, while Nile crocodiles weigh an average of 500 pounds.

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