How Do Crocodiles Digest Their Food?

crocodiles-digest-food Credit: Vilde Lauritzen/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Crocodiles digest their food by holding it in the stomach and sending it to the intestine a little bit at a time. The acid found in the stomach helps break down food before it travels through the rest of the crocodile's digestive system.

Crocodiles are similar to humans because they use gastric acid to break down food. Unlike humans, these creatures have an adaptation that allows them to eat as much as 23 percent of their body weight in one sitting, according to Clara Moskowitz of LiveScience.

The crocodile has a special heart valve that allows blood to flow directly to the stomach instead of circulating through the lungs. This adaptation allows the crocodile to secrete gastric acid much faster than other animals. Without this adaptation, food would rot in the stomach while it waited to be sent to the intestine.