What Is a Crested Gecko Diet?


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Commercial food for the crested gecko is acceptable and can be supplemented with live insects such as crickets, silkworms and cockroaches. Mealworms and other insects with hard exoskeletons are not recommended due to the difficulty involved for the gecko. Prey should be gutloaded before feeding; minerals and multivitamin supplementation are also encouraged. The use of small insects reduces the risk of injury to the gecko.

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If commercial food is not available, insects and fruit are options, although a well-balanced diet is difficult to accomplish through these means alone. The crested gecko prefers sweeter fruits such as bananas, peaches and pears. Adults should be fed three times a week; juveniles require daily feeding. An adult crested gecko requires at least a 20-gallon tank in order to thrive. Branches, live plants and other vertical surfaces are necessary, as this animal is naturally tree-dwelling. In a large tank, a few geckos can be housed together provided there is a single male. Males are territorial and pose a threat to other geckos if more than one inhabit a single area. Moss, peat or coconut fiber bedding are ideal substrates due to their ability to maintain proper humidity levels. Daytime temperatures should be kept between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while evening temperatures drop a few degrees.

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