What Are Some Creative Male Dog Names?

creative-male-dog-names Credit: Roberto Westbrook/Blend Images/Getty Images

There are two ways to approach dog naming that can help a person choose a creative name for their canine friend. The first approach is to base the name on the dog's appearance, color or markings and choose a name like Socks, Splatter, Coal, Hershey or Timber. Similarly, a dog's personality or temperament may lend itself to appropriate names, such as Scout, Hunter, Relay, Sprinter, Slouch, Scooter or Hopscotch.

Another approach to naming a dog is to choose a name that reflects the owner. The owner's taste in movies may produce names like Chewbacca, Vito, Maverick or Scarface. Book preferences can produce a host of creative names, such as Gatsby, Heathcliff, Hemingway, Rocinante or Atticus Finch. An owner also might also consider places he has traveled and name the dog Cancun, Riviera, Everest, Gibraltar or Rio to commemorate a trip. Some owners name their dogs after real people they admire and come up with names like Reagan, Montana, Lincoln, Kingsley or Jordan, to name a few.

To keep the dog's name unique and catchy, avoid the most common male dog names, which are Max, Bailey, Charlie, Buddy and Rocky. Other very common names to avoid if you want your dog's name to stand out are Jake, Jack, Duke, Rusty, Harley and Cody.