How Do You Create a Green Anole Habitat?

How Do You Create a Green Anole Habitat?

To make a green anole habitat, attach a heater and an ultraviolet lamp to a 10-gallon glass terrarium, then place a thick layer of substrate on the habitat floor, and decorate it according to your taste. The required supplies for this 45-minute project are a 10-gallon terrarium, a terrarium thermometer, a compact fluorescent reptile habitat lamp, an under-tank heater, sturdy plants, a basking spot lamp, a waterfall and a small reptile shelter.

  1. Attach the heater and lamps

    Attach the under-tank heater on one side of the terrarium, and clip the basking spot lamp above it.

  2. Cover the floor

    Cover the terrarium floor with a 1-inch layer of soil, peat moss or a commercial reptile habitat substrate.

  3. Install the waterfall

    Install an electric waterfall along the rear wall. This is an important component because anoles generally refuse to drink still water.

  4. Add plants and a shelter

    Distribute sturdy plants throughout the terrarium. The best plants for anole habitats include ivy, orchids, vines and snake plants.

  5. Attach the habitat thermometer

    Attach the habitat thermometer according to the package directions. Install it in a visible spot so you can read the display without opening the terrarium.

  6. Install the fluorescent lamp

    Install the fluorescent lamp at the top of the terrarium.