How Do You Create a Ferret Care Sheet?

How Do You Create a Ferret Care Sheet?

How Do You Create a Ferret Care Sheet?

A ferret care sheet must include exercise pens, dry ferret food, ferret cages, ferret hammocks and ferret toys. You might also consider getting litter boxes for ferrets.

  1. Get the best ferret food

    The first thing on the ferret care sheet is the food. You need to get dry food that is high in proteins. Keep in mind that ferrets usually eat seven to ten meals a day.

  2. Get a ferret cage

    Next, you need to find a ferret cage. Make sure it contains a special water bottle. Line the cage with paper. If you have two or more ferrets, buy a larger cage so that they have space for exercise.

  3. Provide your ferret with entertainment

    Your ferret pet likes to have fun, too. Look for some toys to keep him busy. Another great idea is to get a ferret hammock. A ferret needs two hours of exercise outside the cage per day.

  4. Protect your ferret from heat

    Too much sunlight and heat is not good for a ferret. The optimal temperature needs to be less than 80 degrees.

  5. Get a ferret litter box

    Buy a litter box and place it in the corner where you see the ferret goes to the toilet the most. With a little patience, you can teach your small pet to use the litter box.