Do Coyotes Howl?


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Coyotes have many different vocalizations and howling is common. In addition to howling, coyotes also bark, yelp, growl and whine. Mothers also make a huffing noise when signaling to their pups.

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Do Coyotes Howl?
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Coyotes use howling to communicate with each other; it can be used as a greeting, but also to declare territory. A lone coyote may howl, but it is most commonly done in groups. Coyotes often bark before and after howling; this high-pitched bark is called a yip. Coyotes also communicate extensively through body language, including tail carriage, posture and appeasement behaviors like rolling over. Although their social structures vary, coyotes often live in cooperative family groups or have territories that are partially shared with other coyotes so communication is necessary to minimize conflict.

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