What Are Some Facts About Coyote Pups?


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Coyote pups are born in burrows or dens after two months of gestation. Because coyotes mate between late January and March, the pups are often born in spring from April to mid-May. As with other infant mammals, coyote pups are born blind and limp eared. They typically open their eyes after 10 days.

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Depending on where the coyotes live, litters can range from one to 19 pups. High pup counts per litter are a way to compensate for the high juvenile mortality rate. About 80 percent of coyote pups do not survive through to adulthood due to hunting and accidents such as car collisions.

Both the male and female coyotes take turns taking care of the pups, and they can readily move them if their den or burrow is disturbed. Female coyotes are protective of their pups, and they usually stay with them until the pups can open their eyes. The male takes the role of the provider and brings home food for both the female and the litter.

Coyote pups start to wean when they are a month old and learn to feed themselves the following fall. Males usually disperse after six to nine months, while females stay behind with their mothers to form the basis of a pack.

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