What Is a Coyote Dog Hybrid?


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A coyote-dog hybrid, also called a coy-dog, is a canine which possesses both dog and coyote DNA. Coyotes are capable of producing fertile offspring with both domestic dogs and wolves. However, the differing behavioral traits of coyotes and dogs make natural hybrids rare.

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Coyotes are frequently aggressive towards dogs and other domesticated pets. They view domestic dogs as prey. Furthermore, coyotes have breeding seasons, while dogs do not. Coyotes are capable of mating only during this period; for the rest of the year, they are not fertile.

When coyotes pair as mates, they mate for several years or even for life. They are very unlikely to mate with another animal while their present mate is still alive. These behavioral traits make coyote-dog hybrids rare in the wild.

Because dog behavior is so different from coyote behavior, breeders who make coyote hybrids under artificial conditions produce animals whose behavior is unpredictable.

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