What Are Some Coyote Call Sounds?


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A coyote's howl is almost indistinguishable from the sound of a siren. Group and solo howls made by a coyotes are typically denoted by low-frequency, high-pitched vocalizations that can be quite long in duration. Coyotes who howl collectively usually vocalize with group-yip howls that are heard in the evening time.

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Coyotes can locate a sound as far as a mile away to within 90 feet. If the sound is 100 yards away, the animal can target the audio to within five feet.

Because coyotes are omnivores, they react easily to distress calls of other animals. Hunters can lure coyotes with prey distress calls, whines and yelps, challenge howls or lengthy, high-pitched calls. Therefore, expert coyote callers who hunt the predators prefer to use distress calls to flush out their prey. Experts recommend calling the animal just before dark. Both open-reed and closed-reed hand calls produce a wide range of distress-type sounds.

Outdoor Life says that non-aggressive vocalizations, such as yelps and whines, are frequently made by coyote pups. The sounds are often heard during the denning season from March to May as well as from September through January, which is the period coyotes mate.

Challenge howls are vocalizations made by coyotes who want an intruder to leave. However, Outdoor Life says that, unlike wolves, coyotes will not threaten an intruder, then kill it.

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