Does Covenia Treat Skin Infections for Cats?


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Covenia treats skin infections in cats, according to Drugs.com. A veterinarian injects an infected cat with a single dose of the drug, which fights wound infections due to Pasteurella multocida for about one week. It takes about two months for most of the drug to dissipate from the cat's body.

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Pasteurella multocida is a bacterium commonly present in the mouths of cats, and it frequently causes infections after cat scratches and bites, according to PubMed. Veterinarians should not administer Covenia to cats that are allergic to cefovecin, cephalosporins and penicillins, notes Drugs.com. Incidents of anaphylaxis have occurred with product use in foreign countries. If Covenia causes the feline patient to experience anaphylaxis, veterinarians treat it by administering drugs such as epinephrine or corticosteroids on an emergency basis.

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