What Could Happen If a Turkey Looks up When It Rains?

could-happen-turkey-looks-up-rains Credit: Laurie and Charles/The Image Bank/Getty Images

There is a popular myth that turkeys look up into the sky with their mouths open when it rains, which supposedly causes them to drown. This myth has been debunked by scientists.

Turkeys have a reputation for low intelligence, and they do have a habit of sometimes staring at the sky for around 30 seconds. While this behavior is amusing to many, there is a genetic reason for this odd behavior.

Turkeys have what is called monocular vision, which limits their ability to clearly focus on a single object. Instead, they see two separate views of the world out of each eye. They could be trying to get a better look at the raindrops when they look up during a shower. Another train of thought is that turkeys are genetically predisposed to odd behavior thanks to a condition known as tetanic torticollar.