What Could Cause a Dog to Cough?


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A foreign object stuck in the dog’s throat or dust and germs can cause a dog to cough. Fungal infections, kennel cough, heartworms, distemper and heart disease may also make a dog cough.

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When a dog swallows a foreign object, it may get lodged in the rear of the dog’s throat, leading to a bout of coughing. The dog stops coughing when the object is removed. Lung problems, such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia or lung cancer, may also cause a dog to cough. Weight loss, labored breathing, fever and coughing are symptoms of fungal infections in dogs. Congestive heart failure makes fluid accumulate in a dog’s lungs, which leads to coughing. An enlarged heart can also make a dog cough. Some dog breeds, such as boxers and Dobermans, are susceptible to heart disease and the coughing related to this condition.

Roundworms and heartworms can make a dog cough. De-worming medication helps cure the cough. Toy-size and miniature dogs are predisposed to a tracheal collapse, which is a condition that occurs as the dog has a flat trachea instead of a round one. A dry, hacking cough in dogs may signify kennel cough, which lasts for around two weeks and is treated with prescription medication.

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