What Are Some Cougar Facts?


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The cougar is also known as a panther, puma or mountain lion, and it is North America's second largest cat. A panther cannot roar. Instead, this large cat purrs like a domestic house cat, according to Animal Fact Guide.

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The body of a cougar is similar to the body of a house cat. Cougars are slender, and they have round heads and pointed ears. Male cougars can weigh as much as 150 pounds, and females can weigh up to 100 pounds. A cougar's coat is a grayish-tan to reddish color, and its tail is marked with a black spot at the tip. Cougars are also know to climb trees effortlessly and jump over 20 feet. Cougars can live near seas, in deserts or in mountainous areas. They generally prey on deer, but they also eat smaller animals, including livestock and domestic animals.

Usually, cougars stay secluded from their prey until they are ready to attack. When attacking its prey, a cougar stretches its claws out and pounces on its victim. Once the cougar kills its prey, it hides its remains and consumes it over the course of a few days. Wolves and bears compete with cougars for prey, but cougars are apex predators and have no natural hunters.

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