Where Do Cottontail Rabbits Live?


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Cottontail rabbits live in such areas as fields, gullies, brush piles, farms, crop fields, backyards and suburban areas. They also dwell in the abandoned burrows of other animals, such as woodchucks.

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Cottontail rabbits do not make burrows of their own, and they are quick to fill previous rabbit dwellings in suburban areas. They also use other forms of cover if there are no burrows in the area. Cottontails also take cover in a "form" during the fall and spring, which is a surface shelter that is normally made of grass or weeds. The form protects the rabbit from harsh weather and helps them remain out of sight. There is usually no need for forms during the summer since there is ample cover.

Cottontails spend most of their lives within a span of 10 acres or less, but they relocate if there is not enough food in the vicinity. A single rabbit per acre is the typical average rabbit density, although population density varies.

Cottontails are found in the Americas, stretching from Canada to South America. Cottontail rabbits have a wide habitat in the United States, ranging from the East Coast to the Great Plains. The eastern cottontail is located east of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain and desert cottontails are common in the American West.

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