What Is a Corgi and German Shepherd Mix?


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A cross between a Welsh Corgi and a German Shepherd is called a "Corman Shepherd." According to DogBreedsPlus.com, dogs of this type are desired because they "may have the best traits of their parent dogs," including the German Shepherd's pace and coat and the Corgi's short stature.

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What Is a Corgi and German Shepherd Mix?
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The German shepherd is a large, well-proportioned dog known for its protective instinct, ease of training and courage. The Welsh corgi, by comparison, is a small, long-bodied dog that is low to the ground because of its short, stubby legs.

Additionally, both parent breeds are known for their good nature and temperament. Some pet owners prefer Corman Shepherds because they are thought to be good family dogs and tend to behave well with children. They can also be used for sports or as watch dogs. They may require ample exercise to burn enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.

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