What Is a Corded Poodle?


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A corded poodle is a dog of the poodle breed which has had its woolly fur styled into long, dreadlock-like cords. Cording rather than fluffing the poodle's coat used to be more popular style for poodles, but by the 1930s, cording had fallen out of favor.

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What Is a Corded Poodle?
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There is no difference between a corded poodle and a fluffy or curly-coated poodle other than how the hair has been styled; corded poodles are not a distinct breed. Any poodle can be converted into a corded poodle if its hair is allowed to form dreads, which it does so naturally if not combed.

Corded poodles can be displayed in the show ring, although this is rare. Cording requires even more maintenance than fluffing the coat, because the cords need to be oiled to keep them from becoming brittle. Dogs with oiled fur also need to be washed frequently, because the oil is sticky and attracts dust.

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