Do Copperhead Snakes Swim?


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Copperhead snakes swim, although they usually spend the most time on land. Copperheads are found in wetlands and rocky, forested areas and sometimes take shelter in rotting wood. They sometimes climb into low bushes or trees and enjoy basking in the sun.

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Do Copperhead Snakes Swim?
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Adult copperheads grow to a length of about 30 inches. Their heads are copper colored, and their bodies bear reddish-brown and copper-colored pattern markings. The copperhead's range extends from the Florida panhandle north to Massachusetts and west as far as Nebraska. This carnivorous snake dines on mice, birds, lizards, insects, amphibians and other small snakes. The copperhead bites its prey, injecting venom through its fangs and making the victim easier to consume.

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