What Are Some Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog?


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Dogs can be taught how to pick up laundry, retrieve drinks from the fridge and how to dance. Once dogs learn how to follow basic commands, teaching tricks to a dog becomes easier.

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To teach a dog how to place laundry into a hamper, the trainer first places a toy or favorite object into the dog's mouth and commands the dog to drop it into a container. The object is then thrown onto the floor with the "pick it up" command. After this is mastered, the toy is switched out for clothes, beginning with smaller clothing items.

A dog's size should be medium or large in order to retrieve drinks from the fridge, and must also already know how to retrieve. The dog is next taught how to open a refrigerator door by using an attached rope, then shown how to place the drink in his mouth, and lastly how to close the door.

Trainers get dogs to stand by placing a treat on the dog’s nose and repeatedly stating the word “up” until he stands. Once the dog stands on his hind legs, endurance time is increased by holding the dog upward for an extended period of time. The dog is then walked backward and forward so that the dog can become accustomed to following his dance partner.

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