What Are Some Cool Names for a Male Dog?


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Cool names for male dogs can refer to a physical or mental trait that the dog possesses. For example, Rocky is a good name for a dog that doesn't back down easily or is a large, muscular breed like a Rottweiler, while Trapper is a good name for a hunting dog. If the dog loves treats, then Biscuit may be an appropriate name, or if the dog is very independents, then Rebel might be a good choice.

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Names based on the dog's breed or country of origin also can be cool and unique. For example, Guinness, Killian or Regan are cool names for Irish breeds, such as Irish Setters or Irish Wolfhounds. While a name that suggests the opposite of the dog's actual appearance or personality is often a fun choice, such as Killer, Giant or Titan for a Yorkshire terrier or a Chihuahua.

A name also might refer to a favorite food, such as Taco, Peanut or Pork Chop. Some of the more unusual names given to dogs are Bacon, Dynamite, Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious of "Mary Poppins" fame, and Chesty, the bulldog mascot of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Washington, DC. If stuck trying to name a dog, closely observe its looks and mannerisms, and brainstorm a list of potential names for it.

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