What Are Some Cool Facts About Lions?


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One cool fact about lions is that they are the most social among all the big cats. They live together in a group called a pride, which is a family unit usually comprised of up to 15 members, including up to three males, a dozen or so females and their young. Another cool fact is that a lion's roar can be heard from as far as five miles away.

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Several male lions, female lionesses and their cubs live together in a pride. All the lionesses in a pride are related, while the males are either siblings or pride mates. As they grow into adulthood, the male lions eventually leave their original groups to establish a pride of their own, while female lionesses usually stay with the pride even as they age. The male lions protect their territory, while the female lions do the hunting. Both the female and male lions can go into a coordinated hunt, especially in the face of a huge prey.

The African lion's roar is the loudest among the big cats. When they roar to communicate their position and exhibit dominance to other prides, they can be heard from five miles away. Lionesses also roar to attract the attention of the male lions, to fend off enemies and protect their young.

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