What Are Some Cool Horse Names?

Modern or unusual horse names can be fun for owners who don't wish to name their horse standard names like Bo, Beau or Lightning. Naming a horse after its personality trait is a good place to start, with names like Murder, Tantrum and Patience as examples.

Most horses have two names, one for the stables and one for registering. The stable name is usually short and easy to pronounce. For registered names, horse owners need to check with the registry for rules and to avoid trying to register the same name that another horse has already.

Some stable names may be based on the physical attributes of the horse. Horses that are especially fast may be named Swift, Hermes (who was a fast-moving Greek messenger god) or Jet. Horses with distinguishing physical features may also inspire names like Legs, Polka Dots or Star. Other horse names may be drawn from history, film or even classic books. Argo is both the name of fictional television character Xena's horse and the name of the ship Jason sailed in the myth of the Golden Fleece. Arwen is another interesting name that is drawn from the Lord of the Ring's character and is also a Welsh name meaning "noble maiden."