What Are Some Cool Female Cat Names?


According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, the top five "cool female cat names" in the United States in 2012 were Bella, Lucy, Chloe, Kitty and Sophie. There are many other cool feline names like Angel and Molly, but these names have been popular for years. Cat owners usually name their cat based on its characteristics, appearance, mannerism or breed.

Bella means "beautiful" in Italian. Felines that are small, graceful, pretty, faithful and agile can be named such. They love to be fussed over by their owners and look well-groomed. Lucy means "light" or "learning" in Latin. Though spoiled and attention loving, cats named Lucy may be alert, smart and good at solving problems. Chloe, which means "fresh young blossom" in Greek, is a name often given to cats that are larger than other breeds. They also have a very loving nature.

Kitty means "flirty" in Greek and is a common feline name. Cats named Kitty love life and may be sweet-natured and pretty. Sophie means "wisdom" in Greek. Felines with this name often love people more than their own kind. They are playful, sweet, sincere and creative.

Angel, which means "messenger of God" in English, is a name given to kittens that are quiet, peaceful, thoughtful, loving and faithful. Very trusting, gentle and sweet-natured cats are sometimes named Molly, which means "Virgin Mother of Christ" in Hebrew.