What Are Some Cool Exotic Pets?


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Some of the most popular exotic pets include spiders, scorpions, snakes and lizards, as well as birds, large cats and even primates. Pot-bellied pigs and Madagascar hissing cockroaches are also popular exotic pets, according to Animal Planet.

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For those not terrified by them, tarantulas are cool exotic pets and are surprisingly easy to care for in captivity. Snake lovers have literally millions of options that range from large constrictors to small, non-venomous species from all around the world. Bearded dragons and geckos are also cool exotic pets, as are chameleons and iguanas, according to About.com. The cockatiel, parrot and macaw are some of the most popular exotic birds, while small monkeys and sugar gliders are common mammalian pets, though their care requires more time and effort than does that of non-mammalian exotic pets.

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