What Are Some Cool Boy Cat Names?


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A cat can be named after a hero, a favorite sports team, a popular movie or book character, an author and many other things. According to PetMD, the top ten names for male cats are Mikesch, Toby, Oliver, Leo, Blade, Milo, Harley, Tigger, Cassidy and Garfield.

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Additional names for male cats are Ace, Whiskers, Oreo, Aaron, Duncan, Ahmed, Simba, Felix, Alex, Smudge, Cappuccino, Oscar, Symba, Gus, Loki, Zeus, Mr. Meowgi, Tommy, Ash, Hershey, Coco, Gavin, Merlin and Sammy.

It is not necessary to have a name ready for a cat the day he arrives in his permanent home. If one name doesn't stand out as a favorite, take a few days to monitor the cat's personality. For example, one may find the new cat to be fearless, jumping from ledge to ledge; therefore, it may inspire an owner to name the cat Ares, after the Greek god of war.

If one chooses to adopt from a shelter, the cat may already have a name. If he is a younger kitten, under two years old, his name can be changed without much difficulty. It is more difficult to rename an older cat, but it is not impossible.

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