How Do You Control Cucumber Beetles?

How Do You Control Cucumber Beetles?

Kaolin clay, aluminum foil and floating row covers can be used to control infestations of cucumber beetles. Clay and aluminum foil are often used to treat existing infestations, while row covers can be used to prevent the beetles. If beetles are present, it is necessary to provide care for the affected plants throughout the growing season.

  1. Spray the cucumbers with kaolin clay

    Mix 3 cups of kaolin clay with a gallon of water in a garden sprayer, and shake the mixture thoroughly. Spray the plants with the mixture as needed to deter cucumber beetles. If any of the clay mixture is left after spraying, empty the sprayer and rinse it to remove the clay residue.

  2. Place aluminum foil around the base of the plant

    Tear sections of aluminum foil to fit around the base of the plant, and then cut a slit in the foil for the plant stalk. Place a piece of the foil with the shiny side up on each plant to deter cucumber beetles.

  3. Install floating row covers

    Floating row covers can prevent some infestations of cucumber beetle when installed early in the season. When flowers are present, remove the row covers for at least a few hours each day to allow for pollination.