How Do You Compare the Prices of Teacup Yorkies?


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Compare the prices for teacup Yorkies by determining the dogs' genders, papers and lineage. Females generally cost more than males, dogs with papers are more expensive than dogs without, and dogs born from reputable bloodlines may be more expensive than others. Consider all these factors when comparing prices between dogs.

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How Do You Compare the Prices of Teacup Yorkies?
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A teacup Yorkie may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000, as of 2015. If a pet owner plans to breed or show his dog, he can expect to pay more for a breeding- or show-quality dog that is registered with the American Kennel Club. Dogs born from AKC-champion bloodlines command top prices, as they could be potential champions themselves. An individual who is simply looking for a cute furry pet may be able to find a lower-priced dog that doesn't have papers or that has a coarser coat than the fine, silky coat called for by the breed standard.

Larger Yorkies are also less expensive than smaller Yorkies. The breed standard is a weight between four and seven pounds, but many breeders charge a premium for adult teacup Yorkies weighing less than this, because demand for the tiny dogs is so high.

Finally, different breeders charge different prices. Home breeders may charge significantly less for dogs than licensed breeders. However, unlicensed breeders may misrepresent their dogs or fail to raise them under ideal conditions.

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