How Do You Compare in-Home Pet Sitting Rates?

How Do You Compare in-Home Pet Sitting Rates?

Compare in-home pet sitting rates by interviewing potential pet sitters to compare the going rates, checking websites for local businesses' rates and consulting websites such as Care for rates in a specific area. Other factors that may affect pet-sitting rates include additional pet services, such as walking or transporting pets, the home's location and required pet sitting hours.

In order to compare in-home pet sitting rate:

  1. Compile a list of potential pet sitters that offer services in the desired area and time frame needed
  2. Find potential pet-sitting services online or through a local directory to acquire a list of at-home pet sitters. Some websites like Happy At Home allow users to book pet sitters online. Checking the websites or speaking with the pet-sitting service will provide insight regarding the going rates of at-home pet sitting services.

  3. Compare rates and services provided
  4. Compare the cost of each available pet sitter and what is provided with the services. Some pet sitters offer pet walking, taxiing and poop-scooping services. The more flexible and inclusive the service, the more likely the cost.

  5. Consult online service calculator for rates
  6. Calculators that provide a reasonable cost expectation for pet sitting services are available online. The Care website allows users to enter the pet's ZIP code and provides hourly, daily, monthly and annual rates for the area. It also lists pet sitters in that area.