What Companies Purchase Pictures of All Types of Dogs?


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Many stock image agencies buy pictures of all types of dogs, including the online companies Shutterstock and iStock. These companies host many sorts of images from content creators, and give the artists or designers money in return for sales of the usage rights to an image.

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Stock image companies collect large libraries of images from artists. These companies accept images with a broad range of subjects, including dogs. Stock image companies need a very broad range of images to stay competitive, so they will accept photographs of all types of dogs, as long as the images fall within their guidelines.

Some of the most accessible stock image companies for the budding pet photographer are microstock companies, such as Shutterstock or iStock. These are online agencies that pay photographers based upon how many times the usage rights to a photo are sold. The buyer can then use the photograph however he likes, without paying any further fees to the photographer.

As of 2015, Shutterstock is one of the largest microstock companies. Its website hosts hundreds of images of dogs, including photographs. Its competitor iStock also hosts hundreds of dog photos on its respective website. Photographers wishing to sell to either website can submit photographs of any type of dog after being approved as a contributor.

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