What Companies Offer Custom Fish Tanks?

What Companies Offer Custom Fish Tanks?

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Midwest Custom Aquarium and Fish Tanks Direct offer custom fish tanks. Infinity Aquariums and Underwater Depot offer custom fish tanks as well.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing designs, manufactures and installs custom aquarium systems. Customers can tour the Las Vegas, Nevada, company showroom to view the organization’s recently completed aquariums.

Midwest Custom Aquarium designs and creates custom acrylic aquariums and related parts for zoos, houses, businesses and research facilities. The company also builds research vessels, museum cases and lab tanks. Specialists can answer customers’ questions and make recommendations. The entity offers fish tanks of any size and almost any shape.

Fish Tanks Direct has been building unique aquariums for more than two decades, creating aquariums for movie theaters, pet stores and universities. Customers can request quotes on the company’s website.

Based in Los Angeles, Infinity Aquariums designs and fabricates custom aquariums. It also provides installation and maintenance services. The company creates custom aquarium designs that blend with the customers’ existing decor. Infinity Aquariums also offers fish and marine animals on a purchase or rental basis.

Underwater Depot can create custom aquariums for customers with almost any budget. The company’s services include personal on-site consultations. The company also maintains and cleans aquariums.