What are some commonly asked questions about cat health conditions?


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Questions about vomiting, loss of appetite, straining to urinate and cats constantly scratching are some of the most commonly asked, according to WebMD. Weight loss, eyes watering and sticky residue in the corners of the eyes are other concerns.

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Vomiting occurs frequently in cats and happens for a variety of different reasons, notes WebMD. Reasons include ingesting something inedible, such as string, or eating poisonous plants. In some cases vomiting is a symptom of feline lower urinary tract disease or diabetes, but often hairballs are the culprit.

Straining to urinate may indicate feline lower urinary tract disease. This condition displays a range of symptoms, including bloody urine, crying during urination, loss of appetite, dehydration and vomiting. Straining to urinate is an emergency, which necessitates getting to a vet straight away, reports WebMD.

Scratching is the main symptom of flea infestation, while flea dirt is visible as small black grains on the cat's skin. Treat flea infestation immediately, as fleas lead to a host of other problems in time, cautions WebMD. Left rampant, fleas cause irritated skin with the possibility of infection and eventually anemia.

Discharge from the eyes is caused by inflammation, trauma, viruses, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and a variety of other conditions, reports WebMD. Individuals should wipe the corners of the cat's eyes gently with a damp cotton ball and call the vet.

Some of the most frequent illnesses in both cats and dogs include allergies, bladder infections, dermatitis, ear infections and gastritis, notes WebVet. Common injuries include bites, punctures, abscesses, fractures and eye injuries.

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